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Historic property saved during recent burst water main

In early 2011 APP completed waterproofing works to the basement of a historically important 400 year old building located in central Cambridge.

The waterproofing design chosen was a cavity drain membrane system whereby water is managed and directed to a sump/pump from where it is removed.

The cavity drain system offer numerous advantages over traditional tanking, whereby ground water is held back therefore altering the loading imposed on the structure.

 The cavity drain system is normally welcomed by the Local Authority Conservation Officers as in principal it makes few changes to the structure of the building and if ever removed the building “as was” would be revealed which was particularly important in this instance.

Recently a water main in the street adjacent to the property burst releasing considerable amounts of water into the surrounding area. The cavity drain system coped well removing up to 30 gallons an hour over a 48 hour period and preventing water ingress and flooding of the basement area. 

The client felt very reassured once the water main had been repaired knowing that the system was in place and the sump pump was hard at work during the crisis. What was considered by the client to be an extravagance during the restoration ended up saving her home from disaster!