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This is my 40th year working for APP. I had just got married and was working in the building trade as a plasters labourer, not content I decided to find another job.

A friend who worked at APP suggested I go for an interview as they were looking for technicians for cavity wall insulation and I got the job…. I wasn’t intending to stay for long.

I learnt on the job, in those days we had to check the hardness of the water when we arrived on site, this determined how fast the mixed chemicals solidified, in turn determining how far apart the injecting holes should be. This was fundamental in ensuring that the foam did not start to set before it stopped travelling. If this happened the foam would tear, leaving a gap in the insulation leading to cold spots on the internal wall resulting in wet patches.

It would take up to two hours after arrival on site to start injecting, after setting up, doing test holes, testing the foam, and so on. It then took about six hours to inject a semi-detached house resulting in (with travelling) a ten hour day. I then learnt to undertake damp-proofing & timber treatment work.

We worked on building sites, commercial properties, the colleges and University buildings and domestic properties. We treated them all the same! As a building site! And we got ourselves into some trouble – The staff in the office got fed up with fielding complaints and then someone had a brainwave! We all had to go on a CUSTOMER CARE COURSE! What were they thinking of, I thought.  We just knew we would get “the customer is always right, you are always wrong”. I thought we were really in for it. How wrong we were. I gained so much and we really learned about our customers. It changed my life forever and started a whole new chapter with APP.

That course empowered use to take control of our work environments and our jobs. I became accustomed to feeling an equal and it allowed me to banish those early feelings of having no control over your or others actions. 

This was all a long time ago and things are a lot different now. It started what was to become the most interesting and rewarding aspects of working for APP -Personal Training & Development -available to everybody who wanted it!