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 Condensation is the most common form of dampness found in properties particularly during late autumn through the winter and into early spring.  Due to the introduction of double glazing and draught proofing, buildings are more susceptible to condensation as natural ventilation is greatly reduced.  Modern buildings are in fact more likely to be affected than older buildings as many do not have open fires or draughty windows which provide natural ventilation.  Condensation is caused by excessive moisture levels in the air, basically warm air will hold more moisture than cold air, as cold air moves towards a cold surface such as glass windows or external wall surfaces the moisture content of the air will increase until the air becomes 100% saturated at this point the water condenses out of the air and deposits itself on the cold surfaces, it is this moisture that allows mould spores to germinate and form on wall and ceiling surfaces, window frames, etc.  The control of condensation is achieved by creating the correct balance between, heating, insulation and ventilation.  APP provide a full survey of your house and produce a report detailing the findings together with recommendations for improving insulation, heating and ventilation to achieve a better balance.  Please browse our web site to view our case studies and some of the ventilation units available......