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On Monday 3rd July, Keith Barker & Graham Bright attended the launch of the new AlertMaxx2 high level sump alarm at the Building Research Establishment, Innovation Park, Watford.

The AlertMaxx2 is an intelligent high-level alarm, designed to alert homeowners when water levels in their pump chamber becomes too high. The unit will also inform homeowners when a service is due on their pump station.

AlertMaxx2 can be a stand-alone high-level alarm or it can be registered to connect through Wi-Fi to the Packaged Pump Systems ‘PumpsSecure’ system. With a ‘PumpSecure’plan, PPS can monitor the pump station in real time and detect if something is going to go wrong (before it does!).

As well as learning about the AlertMaxx2 Graham & Keith also visited low energy houses using various systems, one with design input from HRH Prince of Wales and a flood resilient house sponsored in part by the Property Care Association, using Delta Membrane Systems Ltd products.