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At APP we take our training seriously be it in house or out-sourced. We use our monthly health and safety forum meetings for periodic reviews of our safe systems of work and risk assessments to keep the technicians up to date and to refresh our personal knowledge, discuss new products and share appropriate experiences.

We outsource our training to a professional provider were appropriate; as with the recent manual handling course set by WS Training Ltd, and periodically for first aid and asbestos and as we judge right for other subjects.

The operative team are normally very enthusiastic and can become quite animated when sharing experiences and insights when offered interesting subjects to discuss but less so when offered up what may be considered more mundane (but essential) subjects like personal protective equipment and the dull Manual Handling training.

So, I was greatly tickled when one of our ops approached me rather grouchily saying they had to go on a manual handling course and in Ipswich (about 50 miles away). The grumbling started then from most of the people involved.

The day of training came and off they went, not very happy, leaving me to have a quiet day in the office.

The following day I arrived at the yard, everybody was milling around getting their vans ready for the day ahead as usual, I timidly ventured with, maybe, a small smirk on my face “How was it then?”, expecting, if not outright abuse at least a cold blast, but no, the first person said “ it was great we learnt all about leverage, what happens in our body when we lift things, somebody else told us  about slipped disc and the spectre of having them fused together, what happens to our body; the details not just a list of instructions we normally get.!”

Not one negative comment and they are still talking about it.

I am a good example of what the Manual Handling course is trying to avoid, I have two badly damaged knees which apart from years of pain have brought me to point where I cannot carry out my work and will have to retire in few weeks with a stay in hospital and operations to look forward to.

I’ve been in the damp proofing trade for over 40 years and if we’d had good training back in the bad old days I may at least have been able to retire when I wanted to and not because my body is worn out, I have no regrets though, I have enjoyed my work, and APP is a fine company to work for.

This latest training underlines how far the industry has come in understanding what needs to be considered for the employer and the employee. How to keep one’s self healthy and fit to work, it’s down to the individual to put the training to good practice.

Alex Eccles the presenter of the course seems to have connected with our Ops intelligently rather than with what can sometimes be wooden and boring, he has certainly inspired them.

To sum up, well done WS Training and well-done Alex well worth the effort.

G Gunton APP