If you’ve done any research into basement waterproofing you’ve probably come across the term basement tanking. There are some key benefits that can be obtained from basement tanking, which we will discuss below. Essentially, tanking a basement is the process of installing a waterproofing system in your cellar.

Water damage is the number one cause of property damage due to the many different ways that mixture can enter a building and the lasting damage that it can do. Understanding the benefits of basement tanking before going ahead and commissioning a waterproofing specialist such as APP will help you to make an informed decision.

So, let’s go through the top 5 benefits basement tanking can do for you.

1. Prevent Flooding

Basement’s are under a very real threat of flooding due to their underground location. Rising groundwater and flash flooding can happen at any time and basements below foundations are susceptible to these potential issues.

Installing basement waterproofing systems, such as tanking can reduce and even eliminate the risk of basement flooding.

2. Lower Energy Costs

By sealing cracks and making your cellar waterproof you can reduce your energy bills. Cold moisture seeping through into your basement will transfer this cold air throughout your home which means your heating systems will have to work harder to maintain a warm temperature. So basement tanking can not only have a positive impact on your wallet, it will also help the environment out too.

Installing basement waterproofing systems, such as tanking can reduce and even eliminate the risk of basement flooding.

3. Increase The Value Of Your Property

Is your basement just a musty, dark space where you store the old cardboard boxes that you’re never going to use again? It could be so much more with the correct waterproofing! Your basement could be the same size floor space as your whole floor. So opening up the potential of this space could extend your living area by up to 100%.

Increasing the liveable size of your property can boost its value and this could be the best way to add extra value to your home. If you live in a built up urban area there could be limited opportunities to extend outwards or upwards so more and more people are exploring the potential of expanding down.

4. Protect Your Property’s Structure

Water ingress through your property’s foundations can be a real danger, as described above. Protecting the structure of your property should be at the top of your home maintenance priorities. Effective basement waterproofing will protect your basement walls from water damage and therefore ensure your foundations are safely maintained.

5. Prevent Repair Costs

When water damage occurs it can be a very costly thing to remedy. Moisture ingress through the walls, floor and joints, no matter how minimal, can lead to extensive interior destruction and basement repairs. Any painting, drywall, furniture and fixings in your basement have the potential to experience water damage and they will all need to be repaired or replaced. Even if this is covered under your home insurance, your premium will be hit when you need to renew.