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Eco House

Uttlesford District Council has carried out a complete refurbishment on one of its social housing stock, a 1950’s semi-detached property, typical of its type and age. The focus of the project has been on improving the fabric of the building and air tightness. A range of measures have been installed focusing on super-insulation with reduced thermal bridges, improved air tightness and full mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

On the 2nd February 2012 an open house was held inviting members of the public to visit to the property where they could speak to representatives of the firms that have been involved with the project and see their products.

A large number of people turned out to the event; there was huge interest particularly in the insulation works and the full house mechanical ventilation heat recovery. The principle is that stale, moist air is extracted from ‘wet’ rooms i.e. kitchens and bathrooms through a system of grilles and ducting, passed across a high efficiency heat exchanger to remove heat and the residue is exhausted to the atmosphere. Fresh filtered supply air is drawn across the heat exchanger, warmed by the retained heat in the exchanger and distributed through ceiling mounted grilles to ‘dry’ rooms using 125mm insulated ducting.

 Heat recovery and Positive Input Ventilation are becoming increasingly recognised as the “best value” approach to ventilating a home and tackling condensation problems.

 If your home or a property that you own suffers from condensation problems or if you are interested in improving the insulation levels APP will be glad to undertake a survey for you to establish the improvements that can be made.